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Time is Money: Faster Payments and the Open Banking Revolution

Digital Business promises an unprecedented convergence of people, businesses and things that changes existing business models and creates new revenue opportunities. The rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry, including banks and credit unions within the financial services industry. SEEBURGER can help you turn these challenges into business opportunities – and competitive advantages.

An open banking approach will make it easier and safer to use Internet payment services and better protect consumers against fraud, abuse, and other payment issues. With open banking, you promote innovative mobile and Internet payment services, and strengthen and protect consumer and customer rights.

In this whitepaper, you will learn more about:

  • the Open Banking era in Europe and Asia Pacific.
  • API management approaches as part of an agile business integration platform enabling open banking.
  • how SEEBURGER helps with a structured step-by-step approach.

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