Considerations for creating Real Time Transaction solutions

A SEEBURGER best practice approach

In recent years, the demand for business to be conducted almost instantly has increased and continues to increase significantly, particularly in the context of financial transactions. For consumers and businesses, it is increasingly unacceptable to wait until the next day or longer to know that their transaction (e.g. purchase, payment) was successful.

This document seeks to provide an overview for creating Real Time and Near Real Time (NRT) Transaction solutions with end-to-end considerations.
The challenge hereby will be that the old “batch” model of processing cannot meet the real-time performance and availability needs.
Real-time external customer facing solutions need to take into account that the customer could be anywhere in the world when they want or need to use the Product.

This fact introduces the need for new approaches, like parallelism, to consistently deliver the end-to-end experience. To enable efficient API development and delivery, API Gateway and API Management capabilities are key. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) has these capabilities and can for a key part of your Real Time Transaction solution.

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