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Omnichannel Sales through API, EAI and EDI Integration

Successful Omnichannel Sales rely on the integration of all sales channels: Integrate webshop, marketplace and store with real-time price and inventory reconciliation.

Omnichannel Integration – Holistic Order Fulfillment for an end-to-end Customer Journey

Successful Omnichannel Sales are based on the integration of all sales channels. The processing requires smooth interaction across all channels, the real-time interaction of participating systems, the consolidation of relevant data and the standardization of business processes.

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API, EAI and EDI Integration Enables Omnichannel Sales

With the increasing digitalization of sales processes, expectations of logistics are rising. Next day delivery, location-based services are becoming more and more the norm. Isolated integration approaches no longer meet requirements. Meet the high expectations of your customers with the comprehensive integration platform, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite.

The SEEBURGER solution integrates processes such as customer creation, ordering, master data extract, stock enquiry with pricing and transfer of payment information or order status.

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