Logistics Integration with SEEBURGER Managed Services

Transmec Group is a well-known transport, logistics and packaging Italian company. Central offices are based in Campogalliano, Italy. With over 40 strategically located branches around the world, Transmec offers a full global all-round Logistic service to its customers and partners. Transmec has been supplying freight and logistics services in Italy and Europe for more than 150 years.  Since then, the company has witnessed and responded to constant innovation and deep changes in vehicle design,  communication routes and transport.

Transmec To Be, one of the Transmec Group societies dedicated to Logistics business in the Grocery Italian area, has choosen SEEBURGER Managed Services to implement an ambitious EDI/B2B integration project with  key Trading Partners. The project is based on the exchange of EDI integration data based on Logistics standards and B2B messages (like Desadv, Insdes, Recadv), managed through the SEEBURGER BIS solution hosted at SEEBURGER datacenter in Germany. The project  allows Transmec to interact with Trading Partners using one consolidated B2B solution in  a safe and state-of-the–art Managed Services  environment. EDI processes are set-up automatically by SEEBURGER, so that Transmec can reduce significantly manual tasks, points of failure and process delays. Furthermore, the scalability of SEEBURGER BIS solution guarantees the possibility to add quickly and efficiently more and more Trading Partners during the course of time.