TAJCO cuts 50% in operational costs with SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Services

TAJCO develops and manufactures superior exhaust trims for the global automotive industry and is the market leader in its field. Their global footprint is expected to develop further over the coming years to secure even higher customer service and competitiveness.

TAJCO needs systems that will support the expected growth. They have outgrown their existing B2B/EDI solution, which no longer meets the requirements of the company. TAJCO needed a stable provider with global reach and experience in the automotive industry, with the ability to react quickly to support new requirements and be prepared to handle future development for the company.

TAJCO chooses a new B2B/EDI provider

TAJCO has chosen SEEBURGER as its B2B/EDI provider. SEEBURGER works with 3,500 automotive customers worldwide and has 30 years of automotive experience. Here are some of the features and benefits that convinced TAJCO to choose SEEBURGER:

  • Well-established solution with preconfigured processes
  • Extensive mapping library, “off the shelf” solution and mappings for most customers and partners
  • Fast online integration of new partners
  • Standardized adapters to all common ERP systems worldwide
  • Ease of use and role-based end-to-end monitoring
  • High degree of standardization resulting in low operating costs
  • Comprehensive self-service portal for connecting partners reduces support requirements


Cloud Services

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SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Services for TAJCO

When aiming for the sky – land in the cloud

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. So that TAJCO could maintain focus on its core business, and be sure to keep the critical B2B/EDI system running at its best at all times, TAJCO decided to utilize SEEBURGER Cloud Services.

SEEBURGER hosts and manages the solution 24/7 with full transparency, and TAJCO can monitor all processes with the Message Tracking monitoring tool. TAJCO also has a dedicated SEEBURGER Service Manager who knows their solution. This provides consistent, secure and stable operations for TAJCO.

The SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Service set up at TAJCO

The ERP system Dynamics AX is connected with SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Cloud Service. TAJCO uses Message Tracking to track and monitor the traffic. They have connections with suppliers and customers via OFTP2, AS2 and FTP but some suppliers are communicating via SEEBURGER WebEDI solution.


TAJCO has identified the following areas where they can expand the use of SEEBURGER Cloud Services:

  1. TAJCO will use SEEBURGER to develop capabilities to process selfbilling data from customers.
  2. TAJCO often shares large CAD/CAM files with partners that must remain confidential. SEEBURGER has a complete solution for engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data exchange that can solve this challenge for TAJCO.
  3. In order to reduce costs, be more efficient and comply with regulations in multiple countries, TAJCO will develop e-invoicing capabilities using SEEBURGER’s comprehensive e-invoicing offering.

Benefits for TAJCO:

  • Stability and scalability of the platform
  • Reduced strategic risk
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Additional capability and functionality when/if needed
  • Increased data quality, due to alignment on mandatory exchange formats
  • Fewer errors, less error correction effort, higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Expected 50% lower operational costs

In the automotive business, a well-functioning EDI setup is of strategic importance. The solution provided by SEEBURGER offers a stable, efficient and scalable platform, which allows us to grow our business, accommodate customer requirements and integrate new partners with ease.

Bo Bladsgaard Zartov, EDI Integration Specialist, TAJCO A/S

About TAJCO Group

A Global Company with a Proud Local Heritage

TAJCO has a 70+ year history of manufacturing and selling car parts. The history is the story of a company that started out on a small scale in provincial Denmark and turned into a global company supplying quality niche products to some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers. TAJCO develops and manufactures superior exhaust trims for the global automotive industry and is the market leader within its field. TAJCO is both OEM and Tier 1 supplier for the majority of the well-known vehicle manufacturers.

TAJCO currently employs more than 1,200 employees in Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, and the U.S., as well as the city of Ningbo, China.