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EPX Service

The SEEBURGER EPX Service allows manufacturing companies to exchange engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data with partners and customers in a fast and easy way.

In product development, companies work intensely with OEMs, customers, partners and suppliers. Many engineering services are already provided by external development service providers in the manufacturing industry today. Secure, integrated data exchange solutions are thus becoming increasingly important. These solutions need to support two things: first, simultaneous project-based work on company-critical files and documents, and second, the asynchronous file exchange.


The EPX Service enables companies to quickly and securely transfer mission-critical engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data in the Cloud. Managing shared folders (share & subscribe) is the basis for project-based cooperation between your own staff and the personnel of the engineering partner. The ad hoc file exchange between users works by assigning upload and download rights.

Beyond that, the EPX Service supports sending and receiving of VDA ENGDAT messages via OFTP2 over TCP/IP to the customer or of ENGPART messages to engineering partners. We provide a monitoring and administration function, so your personnel can keep an overview and manage your engineering projects.

Our SEEBURGER EPX Team provides the following services:

  • System Operation & Maintenance
    Secure operation, real time monitoring and maintenance of the required EPX infrastructure
  • Change Management
    Connecting new partners to exchange engineering (CAD/CAx) and product data as well as maintenance of OFTP2 master data and certificates (upon request)
  • 24/7 Incident Management
    International 24/7 support according to the selected service level


Add-ons for the EPX Service

  • Secure Attachments for Outlook
    Extend the EPX Service by the Secure Attachments for Outlook feature to send file attachments securely from Outlook.
  • Secure Data Room
    Use Secure Data Room to move files via Drag&Drop with the Windows Explorer Plugin on your computer between folders of Secure Data Room and local or network folders.

Advantages of the EPX Cloud Service

  • Quick Access

    Start exchanging engineering data with our standardized EPX Service – regardless of your business partner’s technological state or geographic location.

  • Investment Protection

    The EPX Service is part of the SEEBURGER platform. This platform covers many other use cases such as commercial, logistical and many more data exchange or integration scenarios.

  • Scalable

    No matter if you exchange only one or several hundred ENGDAT messages per month with your partners: we support all relevant communication protocols and standards to send and receive your engineering and product data reliably.

  • Cost-efficient

    We offer the right business model for each company, from small engineering offices to OEMs and First Tier suppliers. You can flexibly book additional users.

Product Details of the EPX Cloud Service

The user-friendly EPX Service supports browser-based and role based access to all required construction, product and partner data. With only a few mouse clicks you can send and receive data easily, fast and directly from your workplace. We use ZIP, TAR and GZIP compression following the VDA standard to compress your data.

As a user of the EPX Service you only have to ensure that your data is available. Upon request, we connect your PLM/PDM solution and other applications for CAD format converters and CAD data validators.

Flexible Solution for all Partners

The EPX Service provides a flexible solution to connect an unlimited number of OEMs and engineering partners (also partners without an ENGDAT/OFTP system). The solution can be used company-wide (internal/external) for the exchange of any data.


With the EPX Service, we provide the reliability and the advantages of a professional data center with multiply certified security, detailed service level agreements, comprehensive disaster recovery options and approved escalation management.

Automatic Notifications

Automatic email notifications inform the sender about the dispatch status as well as the receiver about the data reception.

Full Transparency

With our monitoring and logging function we keep the data exchange transparent and ensure smooth processing. This way, your line of business can always keep the overview. Partner and processing-specific information is centrally managed and maintained.

Overview of all deadlines

The deadlines for orders are determined depending on the delivery date. The supplier sees how many documents are left to be edited.

Easy to use

The solution is easy to use so that every registered engineer can create and monitor complex transmission orders in their browser in the easiest way. The EPX Service provides easy handling of engineering data exchange with different partners and protocols – directly from the workplace of the engineer based on a scalable solution.


The expenses coming along with the operation of the EPX Service vary widely depending on your requirements and expectations as well as your selected service level. Please let us know, which configuration of the EPX Service you are interested in and where we may support you.

We will be happy to advise you: The best expert for your EPX Service scenario will get in contact with you to discuss your requirements and expectations in detail and suggest a price range.

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