Compliant B2B E-Invoicing at Lavazza

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Mandate by the Italian Government

Since January 1st 2019, Italy has mandated electronic invoices (e-invoices) using the Italian exchange system ‘Sistema di Interscambio’ (SdI). The SdI system had been introduced as mandatory exchange platform for Business-to-Government (B2G) in 2015. The mandate has been gradually extended from Business-to-Government (B2G) to Business-to-Business (B2B) and even Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-invoicing, having been effective since January 1st 2019. By making use of the Italian government’s IT-platform mandatory, Italy was the first European Union member state that introduced a so-called clearance model.


Consequences for Tax Handling – Penalty Risk

Now that the mandate is active, domestic invoices are considered as issued from a tax perspective only if they are sent in the compulsory XML format FatturaPA via the SdI system to the invoice recipients. If invoice issuers registered and established in Italy do not comply with this obligation, they have to pay penalties according to article 6 of the Legislative Decree no. 471/1997. Moreover, the invoice recipients cannot deduct Value Added Tax.

SEEBURGER Global  E-Invoicing Service for Lavazza

The Challenges

Lavazza needed to comply with the Italian mandate of electronic e-invoicing, effective January 1st 2019, avoiding any penalties for non-compliance. In particular, Lavazza needed an e-invoice management service, which integrates fully with their SAP ERP landscape, being able to monitor and manage Lavazza’s significantly high number of invoices in Italy. Therefore, Lavazza was looking for an international solution provider, capable of delivering a global e-invoicing solution out of one hand and fulfilling at least the following requirements:

  • Comply with Italian legislation (signatures, format translation, archiving, SdI communication)
  • Integrate seamlessly with SAP
  • Handle high transaction volumes and peaks with high performance within agreed SLAs and scale to increasing transaction numbers in the future
  • Capable to be rolled-out to other countries where e-invoicing is required by Lavazza at low set-up costs and transparent, decreasing pricing model.


The Solution for Lavazza

SEEBURGER provided a complete global e-Invoicing solution, fully integrated with Lavazza’s SAP system through certificated tRFC connections, using the standard IDoc files. SEEBURGER’s solution converts invoice IDocs to the FatturaPA XML format using standard maps, signs the invoices and communicates fully automated with SdI via web services including processing and monitoring of SdI status responses.

Lavazza was able to send and receive domestic FatturaPA invoices via the SdI platform with SEEBURGER Global E-Invoicing Service in time and in budget, avoiding any penalties imposed. SEEBURGER as a global integration provider with national experts and good local knowledge provided swift service delivery, great technical performance and innovative technology. The solution does not only comply with the Italian legal obligations. It is indeed crucial for Lavazza to have access to an open and global solution that will support all relevant international standards, supporting the integration of future e-invoicing mandates at high pace.

E-Invoicing Compliance can be so easy

SEEBURGER provided their Global E-Invoicing Cloud Services with seamless SAP integration for e-invoicing with the SdI system in Italy to Lavazza. These E-Invoicing Services brought the following benefits to Lavazza:

  • Compliance: Fulfill the legal requirements regarding format, digital signature and automated communication with the SdI system

  • Transparency: Monitor e-invoices and status feedback from SdI in real-time 

  • Insurance: Be covered if changing or upcoming e-invoicing mandates arise

  • Avoid Complexity: Archive legally compliant e-invoices including PDF visualization and status feedback at one central spot

  • SAP Integration: Seamless use of various SAP adapters and solution extensions

  • Global Scalability: Ability to expand E-Invoicing for many countries at any time

Thanks to SEEBURGER’s E-Invoicing solution, we have efficiently and quickly been complying with the recent local mandatory regulations, avoiding penalties and serving our customers by issuing valid electronic invoices from a tax perspective. This solution, which is fully integrated with our SAP system, has exceeded the expectations of the Lavazza Group.

Gerardo Daniel Babini, Delivery Manager, Luigi Lavazza Spa

About Lavazza

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