SEEBURGER Business Integration

KBC Improves the Customer Experience,
Mitigates Risk with SEEBURGER

KBC is a bank-insurer with core markets in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland, and over 11 million clients in all.

Today, most business processes for KBC involve exchanging regulated data. To ensure that transferred data is compliant and to mitigate risk for the organization, it’s important to secure, control, audit, and automate the electronic data exchange process with a managed file transfer (MFT) solution.

KBC wanted the ability to develop new business features, to update current features, and to solve challenges it was having with business growth. They needed a solution that could provide faster partner onboarding, that could meet their regulatory needs such as GDPR compliance, and scale with their business.

KBC‘s requirements for a new MFT solution included:

  • Agile solution delivery
  • Improved customer and user experience
  • Faster onboarding
  • Flexible deployment capabilities for management of QA/staging and production environments, including change and version management
  • Continuous availability/zero downtime
  • A good and reliable support model

After evaluating several MFT solutions, KBC selected SEEBURGER as its integration vendor of choice.

SEEBURGER Meets KBC’s Needs for Managed File Transfer

Meeting compliance requirements is critical for KBC, and SEEBURGER was able to assist them by providing:

  • Encryption and anonymization of personal data, in-flight and at rest
  • Confidentiality and integrity of data
  • Continuous service availability

We selected SEEBURGER because they have a long successful history in MFT. The SEEBURGER MFT solution has been able to assist us in addressing business scenarios like new product offerings, confidential data exchange with subsidiaries and significant event reporting.

Siegfried Verbruggen, Team Coordinator MFT, System Engineer, KBC

About KBC

As a bank-insurer, our purpose is to help all our stakeholders realise their dreams and protect them.
We aspire at being far more than a bank and an insurance company: we want to enable and protect the dreams of our clients. Even more: we want to inspire, boost and stimulate those who count on us, day after day.

What we do, we do it so that others can grow and achieve their respective goals: we enable our retail clients to plan and realise their projects, and help them to then protect them; we cooperate with our business clients so that they can grow and develop in the long term; we drive local economies so that communities can further develop; we offer services to their citizens, opportunities for their young people; and we are preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, so that our current and future employees can develop their potential.

Benefits for KBC:

  • Faster onboarding resulting in improved customer experience

  • Ability to meet compliance mandates

  • Technology improvements to meet future needs, including support for flexible deployment models