Consolidation of the IT architecture and optimization of IT processes at BLANC & FISCHER

Product data synchronization via the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Central platform for data exchange of the entire group

Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH is i. a. service provider for the BLANCO, BLANCO Professional and E.G.O. subsidiaries which are also part of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. For a long time, the IT specialist managed two SEEBURGER BIS5 installations for the three companies with approx. 1.5 million documents per year, 70 mappings, 200 BIC partners and 800 rules. For connecting additional partners even more easily and in order to cope with the further increasing transaction volumes, all processes were unified and consolidated step by step with the SEEBURGER BIS6 StandardSolution.

In the course of modernisation, BLANCO seamlessly connected the Heiler/ Informatica PIM system to SAP via an API interface. The complex integration into the PIM system is based on the conversion of individual IDoc data records from different sources into several REST/JSON messages. PIM mappings transfer both the product status for identifying new products and corresponding URLs for http calls.

The solution fits flexibly into the new overall infrastructure and scales dynamically. The SEEBURGER BIS Message Tracking provides transparency in real-time synchronization. Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH is thus responsible for a simple and secure group-wide platform for all types of data exchange between business partners and applications.

The PIM integration with the SEEBURGER BIS API/EAI Solution results in increased effectiveness and savings for the business unit. It reduces data complexity and transmission effort, improves data quality and time-to-market of new products.

Markus Konz, Team Leader Sales & Purchasing, Blanc und Fischer IT Services, Oberderdingen

About Blanc und Fischer IT Services

Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH, BLANCO, BLANCO Professional, E.G.O., ARPA and DEFENDI are all part of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding.

In 2017, the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding achieved sales of around 1,192 million EURO with around 8,400 employees in 22 countries and 53 sales and production locations.

Blanc und Fischer IT Services GmbH is the internal IT service provider for all companies of the BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding.