Bauer – Die Privatmolkerei

Privatmolkerei Bauer is pioneer of digital transformation
with SEEBURGER BIS as innovative communication platform

Wasserburg am Inn has been the production site of the privately owned creamery Bauer for 125 years. From here, 3.4 million cups of yoghurt start their journey every day. Around 210 million kilograms of milk are received from farmers per year, which are processed into 390 yoghurt products and 70 types of cheese. The Bauer Frischdienst is a fresh delivery service and supplies to more than 3,500 customers from the gastronomy, hotel, business and social catering as well as food retailing sectors. The seamlessly interlocking processes behind this remarkable logistics system are based on external incoming orders and internal data streams. Most of the data is handled digitally via the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS).

Business Integration Suite as the cornerstone of digitalization

Already 20 years ago, the creamery recognized that automated ordering processes and current technologies are an indispensable component of their economic success. The far-reaching decision to implement SEEBURGER BIS for electronic B2B business processing was made early on. Starting with an in-house solution as an ERP system, SAP was introduced in 2012 and the platform was connected to BIS 6 for B2B integration. While conversion and integration have so far been built up step-by-step, the MFT solution simplified complex processes by way of an efficient implementation.

Omnichannel sales as supply chain strategy

The successful go-to-market over new distribution channels requires a continuous improvement of the status quo. Due to the strong growth of Bauer Frischdienst, SAP was also introduced in 2016 for the fresh delivery service, and the relevant processes in the BIS system were adapted accordingly. Launch and connection of the B2B web shop in 2017 resulted in all innovative channels being digitized, integrated into SAP and their data streams being processed automatically.

BIS as a platform for efficient corporate communication

Bauer was motivated by the automated handling of the various ordering processes, to digitize further, mostly internal processes. The company benefits of various integration scenarios.

SEEBURGER BIS as digital platform for all corporate communications

This includes in detail:

  • Electronic B2B/EDI order processing with suppliers and customers via EDIFACT ORDERS, DESADV, INVOIC etc
  • The sales of the assortments to dealers and the Bauer Frischdienst uses B2B/EDI integration whereas the product data transfer is done by individual PRICATs.
  • B2B webshop integration via FTP for product data, prices, images and specifications. These are extracted from SAP via IDoc, enriched by BAPI calls or are generated via running an external program and are finally transferred via FTP. Depending on the source file, the appropriate mapping for the product data transfer is selected.
  • Orders for digital input channels are converted in BIS and stored as IDocs integrated into SAP. Transfer of shipment orders takes place via IFTMIN standard interfaces to logistic providers and freight forwarders. They receive delivery notes from the warehouse management server as PDF files via X.400/FTP.
  •  SAP IDoc’s are transmitted to mobility software for route planning.
  • The server for the customs clearance receives so-called ‘pro forma delivery notes’ as IDocs from SAP.
  • The financial accounting in SAP is integrated and synchronized with other companies.
  • Transfer of invoices from a bull insemination database to SAP financial accounting and forwarding of SEPA data.

Benefits of Digital Communication

The BIS hybrid integration platform is responsible for internal and external corporate communications:

  • Automated order processing of digital sales channels
  • Acceleration of internal corporate communications
  • Immediate delivery of time-critical fresh products
  • Proactive monitoring of internal and external interfaces
  • High agility also for future digitization projects
  • Efficiency through automated processes

With the sustainable SEEBURGER BIS6 solution, we were able to implement a large part of our corporate communication quickly and efficiently on one platform. We have successfully implemented all B2B E-Commerce requirements, integrated necessary internal applications and accelerated complex logistics processes.

Annette Thiel, IT Services/EDI, Central Management Finance & IT Bauer Group

About the Bauer Group

It all started with a small dairy company that was founded in Wasserburg am Inn in 1887 by the great-great-grandfather of the current managing directors, and was named ‘Bauerschweizer Käsewerk’ at that time.

The company is now being managed by the Bauer family in its fifth generation. Long-term thinking and sustainable operating have always driven our entrepreneurial decisions. Thus, Bauer has developed into a high-performance group with production sites throughout Germany.

Since the beginning of 2013, the dairy business (the company‘s core segment) and the business areas of fine food and trade have been the cornerstones of the Bauer Group under the leadership of Florian and Markus Bauer.

The customers can be sure that the name Bauer has always stood for quality, then and now.