OSRAM implements digital business model "Next Generation Sales" based on APIs

OSRAM is transforming its traditional B2B component sales towards the sales of projects and solutions. This is accompanied by a permanently changing product portfolio with a focus on ever new customer relationships based on detailed market knowledge.

The use of different integration technologies on a digital platform enables OSRAM to use efficient next generation sales channels. Data-driven sales processes form the basis of a digitalized customer journey. Modern API technology is the basis for exchanging data in real-time.

Efficient customer, product and sales data management

As part of the new sales activities and the associated implementation of Salesforce, internal SAP ERP systems and the central product catalog were connected via APIs. This enables OSRAM to handle customer-specific inquiries about prices and availability as well as orders in real time.

Using central API management to integrate applications with delivers several key benefits to OSRAM:

  • Individualization of the data for each customer
  • Avoidance of redundancies in the data
  • Supply of all systems involved in real time
  • More effiency and reduction of effort in sales



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SEEBURGER BIS combines API, SAP and EDI integration on one platform

SEEBURGER BIS combines API and EDI integration on one platform

Until now, OSRAM has used SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite (BIS) primarily for classic B2B/EDI integration. Based on a Proof of Concept it was extended by the API Integration and API Management solution. The platform combines all integration options centrally in one system and enables the interaction of data and applications using both classic and modern technologies.

It significantly supports the entire sales process by connecting:

  • Salesforce as a customer leading system
  • SAP ERP systems
  • Product catalog
  • Business partners via classic EDI
  • Web-EDI suppliers via Supplier Portal


API management as a business booster

The APIs provided by OSRAM Information Technology make it much easier and faster to retrieve up-to-date product data and availability, for example. They reduce the internal effort enormously: business partners can be served with up-to-date information from a single source. This makes work easier for OSRAM in many areas. It also accelerates processes on the customer side – customers receive the latest information quickly and easily in real time.

In addition, locations, mobile applications, websites and business partners can easily and securely access data equally via central APIs to product data or availability in real time. These APIs run on the central SEEBURGER BIS via the API Gateway and the API Management solution. The backend systems communicate via APIs and will be protected by them, because there is no direct access.

Use of API-Technology

  • Easy deployment and management of APIs (including an API catalog) with API Management
  • Use of JSON on REST services, XML on SOAP services and OData services in SAP
  • Easy provision of data, such as product data
  • Bidirectional communication with qualified response, such as the result of the availability check in real time
  • Reusability, i.e. one API for all use cases
  • Protection of the backend systems through an API facade
  • Protection of access with the use of API keys or basic authentication
  • Integration of non-API enabled systems through the use of traditional technologies

As the basis of modern business integration, we provide information via APIs in real-time and thus support our business processes in meeting new challenges. By using APIs we can ensure that this information is always up to date, no matter how and by whom it is accessed.

Oliver Rupprecht, IT Center of Competence Business Integration at OSRAM


OSRAM, based in Munich, is a leading global high-tech company with a history dating back more than 110 years. Primarily focused on semiconductor-based technologies, our products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality to autonomous driving and from smartphones to networked, intelligent lighting solutions in buildings and cities. In automotive lighting, the company is the global market and technology leader.