Omnichannel Considerations for Retailers, CPG and Logistics Companies

The Digital Change

Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Logistics companies have been undergoing radical organizational and business process changes, commonly called Omnichannel, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing or Digital Enterprise.

These changes have been driven by the digital economy where consumers are now armed with tremendous power – their smartphones and other digital devices, that significantly changes the “path to purchase.” Instead of manually flipping through colorful print catalogs or spending all their time shopping at retail stores, they are now using digital devices to research and make purchases. Articles like PWC’s December 2016 article “Online Shopping and ECommerce” indicate that “eight in ten Americans are online shoppers; 15% buy online on a weekly basis.”

Benefit from a central platform whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or logistic company.

  • Replace the B2B and multiple MFT systems and synchronized multiple backend fulfillment systems to accelerate and streamline the flow of data.
  • Integrate, synchronize and centralize the volumes of data created by digitizing the value chain from product design to logistics to customer service.
  • BIS can integrate disparate and siloed systems as well as the legacy systems that logistics companies require in order to provide seamless services.
  • The BIS MFT Solution eliminates data security concerns, loss of data, inaccessible data and delayed data, issues that have previously hampered effective collaboration.
  • Realize up to 60% savings from eliminating manual processes and steps and enjoy complete transparency and traceability.

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