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B2B-Modernization and Migration

Avoid pitfalls and benefit from our comprehensive practical experience from thousands of projects.
Find out which migrations can benefit from the SEEBURGER migration tools.

SEEBURGER Migration Tools »At a Glance«

Don't fear replacing outdated B2B solutions. Our Migration tools minimize the effort and enable the migration while minimizing the risk, may it be modernization, system-merging, or a transition of ERP systems. Our tools and approaches are proven and client-tested to assist with your upcoming B2B migration.

Digitally Transform Business Processes with Your Partners and the SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Solutions

  • Seamless digital business with your trading partners via B2B/EDI
  • Connect SMB partners via WebEDI
  • Secure product data exchange with engineering partners
  • Manage and monitor your growing B2B community
  • Secure replacement of outdated B2B integration platforms
  • B2B/EDI full service in the SEEBURGER Cloud

In this webcast, you will get to know common challenges of B2B/EDI migration and how to overcome these hurdles efficiently and effectively at low cost using the comprehensive SEEBURGER migration tool to master data transfer.

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