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B2B Onboarding Service

The SEEBURGER B2B Onboarding Service enables you to quickly and easily connect your B2B partners to your EDI system. In addition, you can send or request important information from your existing partners.

It may take time for your partners to connect to your EDI system and exchange EDI messages: Partners need to be contacted, information exchanged and tests performed. Existing connections to your partners must always be adapted to changing requirements.

This means you need to keep in touch with your partners and gather information. In order to save time and money with this requirement, we offer the SEEBURGER B2B Onboarding Service.


As soon as you have booked the service, you define which information your partners must send to you in the form of a questionnaire using the form editor: Which master data should the partners enter? Should the partners send test messages?Once you have created the questionnaire, you can use our template to send an invitation email to your partner (1). The partner opens the invitation email and the included link, which leads him to the questionnaire in the SEEBURGER Cloud. There he can enter your desired master data and upload test messages (2). The partner then receives feedback in the form of an automatic PDF report as to whether the content of the test messages is correct (3). Once the partner has entered all the information you require and carried out all the actions, he can complete the connection process. The results can either be exported as CSV files or sent directly to your EDI system (4).

This procedure can be used not only for connecting new partners, but also if you want to communicate something to existing partners and at the same time obtain feedback. These can be e.g. format changes, guideline changes or important updates.

Advantages of the B2B Onboarding Cloud Service

  • Simple & transparent

    Benefit from self-service – you and your partner can handle everything yourself. With monitoring options, you can follow all steps and keep track at all times.

  • Time-saving

    Our templates for surveys and emails support a fast handling of your request. Recurring steps in the connection process are saved and can be reused. The service also offers full scalability, so it doesn’t matter how many partners you want to connect.

  • Cost-saving

    Reduce your need for EDI experts. Your costs remain calculable thanks to the simple pricing model of our cloud services.

Product Details of the B2B Onboarding Cloud Service

Form Editor

Using the form editor, you can design the structure of the questionnaire and the input fields according to your requirements. Various question types are available for this purpose.

List of Participants

You can simply import the participant list as a CSV file and use the master data for your survey.

Monitoring Feature

Our monitoring feature always shows you the current overview, so you know who has already participated in the survey. You also determine which steps you want to be informed about.

View and Download Results

While the survey is running, you can view the results of your survey in real time and download them as a CSV file. You can prepare particularly important answers to selected individual questions in a direct evaluation.

Questionnaire Templates

Use our questionnaire templates. This allows you to create a questionnaire within a very short time. You can also save and reuse your own questionnaires as templates.

Individual Invitation Emails

Design the invitation emails with the survey link according to your wishes. You can also add attachments to the emails.

Reminder Emails

Send a reminder email to participants who have not yet participated in the survey. There are templates for this as well.

Automated Integration with the Communication Service

Your EDI system connects to the SEEBURGER Cloud once. This connection replaces all individual EDI partner connections and is therefore the only technical interface that you need to maintain from now on.

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