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Bring Us Your Toughest Integration Challenges

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

Our flagship Business Integration Suite (BIS) is a German-engineered, single, scalable and agile platform without any third-party patchwork code. This makes it unique in the way it provides comprehensive Hybrid Integration Platform capabilities: powering all your connections, on the ground or in the cloud, from traditional EDI/B2B and MFT to accelerating your digital business transformation via API.

The SEEBURGER BIS is purpose-built for “heavy lifting” based on our more than 30 years’ experience.
Coming from such a long history of successful B2B/EDI implementations, where creating and maintaining standard connections for thousands of business partners and massive volumes of data is just another day at the office. As we have added functionality over the years, we have kept those heavy lifting roots in mind, so that our capability is robust enough to support large volumes of partners and data but is still nimble enough to handle speedy innovation requirements.

Today we support more than 10,000 customers for all types of integration scenarios: more traditional large-scale B2B/EDI implementations, but also leading edge technology projects using MFT, API, IoT, Blockchain in different industries like automotive, financial services, banking, retail, manufacturing and utilities – all on the same platform.

When it comes to integration, we have seen it all: big and small, old and new, on-premises and Cloud. Bring us YOUR toughest integration challenges – we are confident we can help you solve them.

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