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Digitalize your Legacy Framework with SEEBURGER Migration Best Practices

Achieve an Agile, Efficient & Modern Business Integration Architecture

Today as your organization continues down the path to digital, modernization of your B2B systems is key, especially if what you have in place is dated, expensive, and difficult to use, manage and maintain. In order to continue to build effective partner relationships across your ecosystem, your integration capability must be able to handle all types of connectivity, onboarding and data exchange. It is time to replace dated MFT/B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modern, secure, and scalable business integration capability. SEEBURGER can help.

SEEBURGER's Migration Suite was developed to solve business challenges surrounding legacy modernization and enable a controlled migration with the corporate architecture. It eliminates the need to contact customers and business partners by cleaning, refining and shaping your configurations, resulting in a seamless integration process.

The SEEBURGER Migration Suite includes:

  • Data Migration Switch
  • Master-Data Management
  • Compare Tool
  • Partner Mappings
  • Partner and Customer On-Boarding
  • Proven methodology, experience and support from SEEBURGER Professional Services

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