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Peppol Access Point

The SEEBURGER Peppol Access Point offers you a quick and easy way to exchange documents with the Peppol network. Peppol does not only refer to invoice exchange (e-invoicing), but also covers the entire electronic procurement process.

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is a network aiming to accelerate a fully electronically supported public tendering and procurement process (public eProcurement) while reducing costs. Peppol is the driving force for electronic procurement by public authorities and supports the Directive 2014/55 on electronic invoicing for public contracts in the European Union.

This is why Peppol is becoming increasingly relevant for public administration suppliers. In 2018, Singapore became the first country in Asia and the first country outside Europe to decide to establish a Peppol Authority. Also in 2018, it was decided to expand the German Coordination Office for IT Standards (KoSIT) into the German Peppol Authority.

Quick Access Video

Watch our Quick Access Video to get a brief overview of the SEEBURGER Peppol Access Point.

Peppol Access Point at a glance

The exchange of documents in the Peppol network is based on a so-called “4-corner model”, consisting of a sender, a recipient and both their access points. The Peppol format UBL (“Universal Business Language”) is used to ensure seamless cooperation between the different systems. The Peppol network contains partner directories – a service similar to the Yellow Pages – to identify recipients, permitted processes and their access point providers.

To become part of the Peppol network, all you need is your own access point, which we provide with our Cloud Service Peppol Access Point. The Peppol Access Point assumes the role of the sending or receiving access point and enables you to exchange documents such as catalogues, orders, dispatch notifications and invoices electronically.

First you send your document via your booking system to the Peppol Access Point (1). In accordance with the Peppol guidelines, the document is transferred within the Peppol network to the access point of the respective partner (2). Documents intended for you go the other way round: they go via your partner’s access point to your access point (3) and from there to your booking system (4). You can track each transmission using the free standard app Business Tracking. The infrastructure of the SEEBURGER Cloud is operated and supervised by SEEBURGER Teams.

Advantages of the Peppol Access Point Cloud Service

  • Secure

    With the Peppol Access Point we offer the reliability and advantages of a professional data center operation with multiple certified security (ISO 27001, ISAE 3402), detailed service level agreements, extensive disaster recovery options and a proven escalation management.

  • Transparent

    With the monitoring and logging functions, we create transparency for data exchange and ensure the smooth flow of all processes. This gives your department a complete overview at all times. Partner and process-specific information is centrally maintained and administered.

  • Experienced

    SEEBURGER already has many years of experience in exchanging data using the AS2 and AS4 protocols used by Peppol. Both protocols are used by a large number of customers. Furthermore, the AS2 and AS4 interfaces of SEEBURGER are certified by the Drummond Group. SEEBURGER is listed as eDelivery AS4 Conformant Solution at the European Commission.

Product Details of the Peppol Access Point Cloud Service

Compliance check

Received documents are checked for syntax. Before the documents are sent to the Peppol network, the field lengths and the processing of mandatory fields are checked, for example.

Various protocols

The Peppol Access Point accepts your data via HTTPS, AS2, AS4, OFTP, SLMP (only for communication between SEEBURGER products) or SFTP and allows you to receive data in the same protocol. Please read our page “Data Sheets and Certificates”.

Peppol Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS)

The Peppol Access Point always supports the latest formats according to the current Peppol Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS):

  • Peppol BIS Common text and introduction
  • Peppol BIS 1A Catalogue Only
  • Peppol BIS 3A Order Only
  • Peppol BIS 4A Invoice
  • Peppol BIS 5A Billing
  • Peppol BIS 18A Punch Out
  • Peppol Punch Out Login & Transmission Specification
  • Peppol BIS 28A Ordering
  • Peppol BIS 30A Despatch Advice
  • Peppol BIS 36A Message Level Response
  • Peppol BIS 42A Order Agreement
  • Peppol BIS 63A Invoice Response

Confirmation messages

The status messages received from the recipient’s access point are displayed in monitoring. This gives you complete transparency about the transfer process at all times.

Message history

Our free standard app Business Tracking gives you user-friendly, browser-based access to your news history.


The SEEBURGER Peppol Access Point is available to governments, corporations, medium-sized and small enterprises. Please contact us for specific pricing information.

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