ARTDECO cosmetics GmbH

Global success through innovative branding concepts and customized sales strategies

ARTDECO achieved global success early by continually expanding its sales channels, product range and international presence. SEEBURGER has been supporting ARTDECO’s digitization initiatives for years as a proven business partners.

Digitized sales channels for international business

ARTDECO switched to electronic ordering channels in the year 2000, introducing EDI internationally with SEEBURGER’s support. The sales channels with prestigious retailers and drugstores were digitized at an early stage, and numerous smaller perfume and cosmetics retailers connected to the network. ARTDECO’s field service works with mobile devices and ordering software to transmit ad-hoc orders from strong-selling B2B clients via SOAP webservices to SEEBURGER BIS, integrating the orders as iDocs into a recently updated SAP® system.

B2B & B2C Onlineshop integration strengthens customer loyalty

To further expand its business abroad whilst simultaneously enabling end-customers to shop 24/7 directly, ARTDECO decided to establish its own on-line shops in 2014. SEEBURGER stepped up to resolve the challenges of integrating online shopping into the existing SAP environment. By launching an ARTDECO Onlineshop as a B2B as well as B2C store, the company is strengthening its customer loyalty and expanding its international B2B business to 40 additional countries.

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite as central platform for comprehensive digital commerce end to end

SEEBURGER BIS as the basis for all customized branding and sales strategies

The ARTDECO Group engages consumers by its unusual branding concept and its customized, and in part exclusive sales strategies. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite serves as the central data hub for integrating all digital sales channels (Omnichannel integration). For example, the orders received from B2B and B2C customers via the ARTDECO Onlineshop are integrated into SAP conventionally by way of SEEBURGER BIS, controlled daily by Sales Reports, and delivered to the end- and retail-customers by the fulfillment service provider PVS. The Magento store is linked by means of BIS API/EAI solution and AS2 Connect. Returns are updated in SAP via XML. The Malu Wilz brand, which counts among the luxury segment, is picked entirely internally, shipped from its own warehouse, and sold exclusively through authorized perfume and cosmetics stores. Integration into SAP is implemented in real time via XML files by way of a BIS API/EAI solution.

Benefits of Omnichannel integration with BIS

  • Digitized order processing worldwide with all major trading partners via SEEBURGER BIS B2B/EDI solution
  • Central integration, e.g. customer and order data in SAP
  • Efficient monitoring and tracking of the flow of goods
  • Customized B2B customer pricing calculation with discount scaling at the debtor level through data extracted from SAP
  • Electronic returns posting through seamless SAP integration and partly real-time synchronization of merchandise management and fulfillment service providers
  • Commerce integration by mobile device for linking local business partners with ad-hoc order transfers
  • Connection of additional systems such as a PIM system for enhancing the multi-language capabilities of the Onlineshop


ARTDECO cosmetic Group is one of the most successful corporate groups of Germany’s medium-sized business enterprises active in the cosmetics industry, and absolute market leader in the German specialty store sector. With its brands ARTDECO, BeYu, Make-up Factory, ANNY, MISSLYN, American Nails and Malu Wilz, ARTDECO counts among the leading select-market vendors. Established over 30 years ago by Helmut Baurecht, the company today pursues its unique branding concept, distributing in 78 countries through 8,000 cosmetics institutes, 7,800 perfume and cosmetics stores, 500 leading department stores, and 100 duty-free shops.

Benefits for ARTDECO

A central platform for all sales processes; secure, reliable, robust and efficient

  • Target group-geared operation of parallel sales channels
  • Rapid expansion abroad thanks to simple business processing through B2B webshop
  • B2C store creates online shopping experience and strengthens customer loyalty
  • Central control and monitoring of all ordering and returns processes

Equipped for the digital future

  • Fast implementation of additional customized branding strategies
  • Flexibility for integrating new stores, partners and markets, etc.
  • Rapid networking with channels, customers and suppliers worldwide
  • Future use and benefit for cementing supplier connections

Brands need customized sales strategies to be successful. SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite, with its tailored, precise technologies for EDI as well as API/EAI integration, supports all these efforts securely, efficiently and reliably.

Gottwald Meister, IT/EDV Manager, ARTDECO cosmetics GmbH

Innovative branding concepts and individual sales strategies

In all digitization activities and initiatives of ARTDECO Cosmetic GmbH, SEEBURGER's Business Integration Suite as an integration platform represents the heart or the linchpin.

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