Standardization and digitalization of logistics processes for Emons

Standardization and digitalization
of logistics processes for Emons

Reliable and flexible transport and logistics services are the main task of Emons Spedition. An innovative digitalization platform electronically maps the underlying processes. BIS was introduced to the complex process landscape at an early stage and expanded over the years.

In 2007, the integration of the Emons WebOrder application and the classic EDI connections to customers and partners were implemented. Over the course of time, the requirements became very extensive. Timely and prioritized process control was always necessary. In 2017, the company switched to BIS 6. In the meantime, a number of other corporate divisions such as Logistics and also Sea and Air Freight Handling have been integrated into BIS. Approximately 2,000 processes mainly involve direct communication with customers and partners, mostly via sFTP, AS2 and OFTP2. During the course of processing, various formats such as EDIFACT, IDOC or XML are utilized.

Real-time transfer of tracking data and automated file exchange

To enable tracking information to be provided in real-time, Emons supplies its customers with the relevant information via API SOAP. In the future, this process will be optimized via REST API integration. This will enable customers to ‚retrieve‘ the tracking information directly from the system. Furthermore, sFTP processes are planned, which represent the largest part of the communication connections, to be mapped directly via the FTP server integrated in BIS. Emons can therefore use these event-triggered processes to integrate many processes even faster and more efficiently via BIS.


BIS Suite

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Integration of the BIS platform at Emons

BIS as a platform for all freight forwarding logistics

In addition to the processes described below, Emons is currently preparing to map further integration scenarios via BIS. The SEEBURGER MFT Solution will be another important component in the future for improving the optimization of processes and thus providing our customers with an even better service.

In detail this includes among others:

  • Integration of the Emons WebOrder application, with direct access to the tracking system.
  • Link to an external advice platform, so that direct communication of available delivery time windows to customers is made possible via SMS/mail.
  • Electronic B2B/EDI order processing with integration of common formats such as EDIFACT IFTMIN, IFCSUM, DESADV and FORTRAS BORD512 or IDOC SHIPMNT/DELVRY. In doing so, the connection of cooperation partners such as CargoLine or SystemAlliance with direct FORTRAS integration.
  • Sea and air freight orders including tracking data are processed in addition to classic forwarding orders.
  • Communication of warehouse movement data with complete integration of the warehouse management software DILOS.
  • BIS transaction data is backed up at runtime on an external Hyparchiv server.
  • Fast processing of the PDA driver data, data acquisition in real time with transfer via Emon‘s own TMS (EuroMistral), file-based to the customer or made available via API SOAP.

Advantages of the BIS Integration

The data hub BIS provides internal and external corporate communication for example:

  • Prioritization of process execution and thus optimal control of process processing
  • Real-time transmission of PDA tracking information
  • Transparent corporate communications
  • Process monitoring for different business areas
  • Optimal administration/versioning of the integrated processes
  • Simple handling of state-of-the-art transmission paths

With the future-proof SEEBURGER BIS 6 solution, we were able to optimally connect the most diverse business areas of our logistics company and thus create very transparent and ultimately simplified data communication within the organization.

Andreas Heimann, Head of EDI team, Emons

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