OpGen Partnering with Thermo Fisher

OpGen said pre-market Monday it entered into an agreement with Thermo Fischer Scientific (TMO) to use its technology to support the commercialization of OpGen’s Acuitas rapid test to help combat multi drug-resistant infections. OpGen will combine Thermo Fisher’s real-time PCR solutions with its genomic analysis and bioinformatics technology to help healthcare providers rapidly and accurately identify bacterial antibiotic susceptibility using resistance gene profiles.

Under the terms of the agreement, OpGen will commercialize the Acuitas rapid test for pathogen ID and resistance genes on Thermo Fisher’s new mid-throughput real-time PCR system. The effort will be supported by local labs that will be able to interpret results using customized analysis software and OpGen’s cloud-based Acuitas Lighthouse Knowledgebase to match genomic analysis data with antibiotic susceptibility information to identify microbial infections in individual patients.

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