The procurement platform Wucato optimizes supplier processes with SEEBURGER Cloud Services

The procurement platform Wucato optimizes supplier processes with SEEBURGER Cloud Services

Wucato is a centralized procurement platform that optimizes both the digital and analog purchasing processes of small and large businesses. Companies are able to order supplies and C-parts where as suppliers sell their goods. The role of Wucato is to automate business processes, reduce costs and create transparency. This leads to a significant reduction in the burden on purchasing and creates greater capacities for handling strategic challenges.

As a procurement platform, Wucato relies on the digital networking of market participants and provides a central place to combine supply and demand. The extensive and constantly growing product range is currently consisting of over 14 million articles from a large number of suppliers, which are bundled and available on the platform. The product range is completed with modern functions that effect procurement processes to become significantly more efficient and effortless.

Customers get to choose whether to order from direct or indirect suppliers. Wucato acts as a dealer for indirect suppliers, where customer benefit from a consolidated invoice. For direct suppliers, Wucato functions as an intermediary thus customers buy directly from the respective supplier. Customer-specific prices can be accessed via real-time interfaces and are identical to the prices offered by the field sales force. Using EDI links, companies can exchange orders, invoices, delivery notes, and other documents in standardized formats with their associates. Electronic data can be directly processed into the recipient’s system.

Supplier integration at Wucato

Wucato aims to offer a broad range of products and must therefore be able to connect new suppliers to the platform in no time. The previous onboarding process required an EDI order fulfillment (four message formats) to be set up with each supplier. Furthermore, there was no possibility of connecting small or non-EDI-capable suppliers to the platform. This was especially a burden from the customer’s point of view if they were regular suppliers.

As a long-standing IT partner of the Würth Group, SEEBURGER also supports their subsidiary Wucato in the digitalization of its business processes. The Community Management App (CMA), which is part of the SEEBURGER Cloud, was established as an automated process for the supplier onboarding. This enables suppliers to run independently through their Self-Service connection. In addition to the organizational coordination processes, suppliers can prove test messages automatically according to stored validation rules (compliance check). This reduces Wucato’s manual effort significantly, accelerates the EDI-onboarding, and thus increases the onboarding-rate.

Along with the onboarding-portal, the SEEBURGER Supplier portal was also set up as a WebEDI solution for smaller non-EDI-capable suppliers that used to process their orders with Wucato. It is also a function for them to get an overview of all orders that have been placed and their respective processing status. Follow-up processes such as order confirmation, dispatch notification, and invoicing can be entered via the portal and sent to Wucato.

SEEBURGER is making a significant contribution to Wucato’s growing success with its own cloud services. We can now connect new suppliers at a rapid pace and with almost no manual effort in terms of all-automatic order fulfillment. This now runs smoothly with the suppliers and completely automatically via WebEDI. From a Start-up perspective, we found a partner in SEEBURGER that meets all the requirements at manageable costs.

Alexander Wagner, EDI Manager at WUCATO Marketplace GmbH