Fast implementation and migration to SEEBURGER BIS supports United European Car Carriers (UECC) urgent need to replace existing platform

United European Car Carriers (UECC) is the leading provider of high quality short sea transportation services for cars and other rolling cargo on the European continent. UECC needed to change integration platform due to the lack of development resources in their Microsoft BizTalk Server platform. There was a problem with the existing platform because of complex and manual coding, hence there was a need for a more modular and “ready-to-use” platform.

Microsoft BizTalk Server had been used for the last 8 years to consolidate the existing platforms that were used before that. The platform was used to connect to Automotive OEM’s and internal applications.

The way forward

SEEBURGER was initially recommended in an automotive forum, highlighted as a recognized leader in B2B integration with a lot of customers in both the Nordic and the global automotive industry. UECC had an urgent need to change platform or to find permanent and reliable BizTalk resources due to the release of the current BizTalk competence. SEEBURGER was able to respond to this request swiftly by demonstrating and presenting a fitting solution in matter of a few weeks. UECC had a tight deadline and the implementation project started quickly, after only six weeks from the first contact with SEEBURGER.



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Dataflow is the heart of all our digital systems. For a lean, cost-efficient organization as UECC, it is crucial to have redundancy of competency, avoiding the vulnerability caused by single experts. The SEEBURGER BIS has a relatively low entry level, allowing us to utilize existing IT staff to operate and develop the system and maintain redundancy within our team.

Øystein Busch, Head of IT, UECC

The SEEBURGER Solution – A central platform for all processes; secure, reliable, robust and efficient

UECC are now using the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS6) including the modules BIS Portal and BIS Mapping Designer. The SEEBURGER platform runs in Azure Cloud computing platform. UECC today exchanges about 50,000 messages per month, and this number is expected to grow.

UECC connects with the main car manufactures and receives information from the factory about the car and the final destination. UECC exchanges information with several ports and terminals throughout Europe, while operating four ports terminals themselves. The core business represented by the eighteen vessels (PCTC) are also connecting, transferring information update such as stowage and relevant sailing information during the transports to optimize logistics. Additionally, the final customers are connected to the system and can track their transport to keep the end-customer informed.

SEEBURGER BIS for A2A Internal applications

Internally, both the booking systems and purchasing systems are integrated with the accounting system using SEEBURGER BIS as the integration tool. Incoming data flows are handled and processed by BIS to insert into internal databases, building up a knowledgebase used in UECC’s Datawarehouse.

Business Benefits and Next step

The main benefit for UECC is that they are not dependent on specific competence but can manage the platform in-house with minor support from SEEBURGER. The SEEBURGER BIS platform offers a great deal of flexibility and it is easy to scale when needed. UECC has been able to streamline and automate processes and now have a more secure and tighter partner collaboration.

UECC will not stop here – next is to see how the SEEBURGER API Management can be used to support the business and to implement new and better business services. Another topic is to explore how e-Invoicing can be used to be more effective.

Reasons for selecting SEEBURGER

  • Reliable and robust solution
  • Speed and simplicity of the platform – Reduction of manual work and scripting
  • User friendly and easy to understand
  • Better flexibility and tighter collaboration with automotive business partners
  • SEEBURGER Industry expertise and competence

About UECC

United European Car Carriers (UECC) is the leading provider of high quality short sea transportation services for cars and other rolling cargo on the European continent.

UECC was founded in 1990 and is jointly owned by Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) and Wallenius Lines. Our head office is located in Oslo, Norway. In addition, it operates eight offices and four port related terminals and across Europe.

UECC operates a fleet of 18 pure car and truck carriers (PCTC) that are designed to meet the necessary flexibility and efficiency requirements of the short sea market. UECC provides safe and secure short sea transportation of factory new cars and light commercial vehicles. We also offer transportation of a wide range of high and heavy and static cargo.